Aircel Launched New Pocket Internet Unlimited 3G Data Plans

Aircel recently launched new 2G and 3G data plans (Pocket Internet Unlimited Data Plans) in India, this news come from the official page of facebook.
Aircel 3G breaks the price barrier… and becomes as affordable as 2G. It is very good news for who are a big user of internet.

According to Aircel, No more confusion in choosing plans. Moreover all Pocket Internet plans work on 3G and 2G networks, across all locations and devices.

Pocket Internet unlimited data plans

  • Unlimited 3G plans, as affordable as 2G, starting from just Rs. 8/day.
  • No extra charges. No hidden costs. Freedom from any bill shocks.
  • Unlimited data on both 3G and 2G with a single pack. No extra cost or packs needed for 2G.

Pick your plan from the given below table:

Note :
*The performance and speed of data browsing is dependent on network usage patterns. Post reaching fair usage limit, 3G data browsing/downloading speed may be reduced up to 128 kbps for maintaining quality of services as per discretion of Aircel.

**Plans for dongles start from Rs. 198 and work on mobiles as well.

According to me this 3G plan is the most chip and affordable 3G data plans available in Indian Market. So make hurry and be Aircel subscriber and enjoy 3G network at high speed .

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