ASUS Padfone To Be Launched In Europe By The End Of May For €699

In the beginning of 2011 ASUS announced a new device Padfone and all gadgets lovers are eagerly waiting to see this new quad-core Tegra 3 Padfone. Are you excited about the ASUS Padfone? You might have been feel jealously when the Padfone was announced to be released in Taiwan this month.

However you don’t need to wait longer if you are from Europe. ASUS has finally declared that they will release their ASUS Padfone in Italy in May. Which means that the device will available into European territory earlier than you have expected. They also said that the device will sell for €699. That’s not bad considering that it is a lot of gadgets rolled into one.

One of the things that you will notice is that it allows you to switch seamlessly between pad and phone for a user experience that best-fits your activities, at any time. It can also be transformed into a laptop by simply attaching a keyboard dock which costs around €149. It is the first of its kind and that’s why a lot of people are waiting for its release.

Unfortunately, there is no news concerning the release in the US. We will just keep you updated on that one. In my opinion, you are better off traveling to Europe. After all, US prices will always depend on the carriers. Buying it there will significantly lower the model’s prices. That is if you just want to test it out.

If you think that it is too costly, all I can say that the price tag is the same as in Taiwan. Sure €699 is not easy to churn out considering it is $920 when converted. And that is only for the 3G version. The LTE-enabled version is said to hit European countries in September.

There are also other gadgets breaking into European territory aside from the ASUS Pad fone, Transformer Pad 300 and the Transformer Pad 700 Infinity. The Pad will be available in May for €399 with the 64GB model will be launched in June for €599 and the LTE version will come soon.

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