Barometric Sensor App Launched By Sony Ericsson For Xperia Active

Recently Sony Ericsson has launched a new App a barometric sensor app for the Xperia active that is furnished with the barometric pressure sensor feature. Developers can get access to this sensor in apps by accessing it through the Android sensor API. Generally, we don’t find a barometer in too many smart phones, This app would let the Xperia Active users measure altitude differences and vertical speed.

The Sony Ericsson developer team created the app to help the developers to use the barometer feature in future applications. Such applications could combine the barometer data with GPS to decide how high you are when mountain climbing for example or paragliding. Sony Ericsson Xperia Active users can download the app along with the sample code from the Sony Ericsson developer’s site.

[Source : Sony Ericsson Developer Blog]

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