Checkmark App For iPhone Now Available In The App Store

Checkmark from Snowman, is a new productivity app for iPhone that lets you create location and time-based reminders and to create them wickedly fast as in, only 3 taps. This App will keep your reminders organized by location and distance easier than Apple default Reminders app.
Checkmark app for iPhone
Checkmark iPhone app is simple to navigate and superbly designed. Checkmark is divided into two sections: “When” and “Where.”

When you add a location in “Where” (complete with finely tuned distance settings), you can use that location to quickly remind you to take out the trash 5 minutes before you get home, send that email 15 minutes after you get to the office, etc.

The “When” section is for time-based reminders. The other half of the app is for your current list of reminders, adding new ones, and seeing what you’ve completed. Following are the main features of Checkmark app.

Checkmark App for iPhone Features :

  • Create buttons for often visited locations and choose a custom icon for it from 27 icons
  • Create location-based reminder or reminders based on just date and time
  • Add a location from Map, your current location or from contacts
  • Create reminders base on arrival or departure
  • Sort distance based on distance by pick radius (in feet) ranging from 100 to 1600 feet.
  • Add timer to your task from 5 minutes up to 1 hour
  • Change sound alerts, text alerts and badge count

You can even add a timer to location-based reminders so the alert goes off when you’re ready to get it done.

You can download iPhone App Checkmark from the Apple iTunes Store for $0.99. Location-based reminders require iPhone 4 or 4S.

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