Aircel Users can Now Update Facebook Status in Their Own Voice

Have you ever think that you can update you Facebook status in your own voice! Recently Aircel announced on twitter that they have made partnership with Facebook and introduce Voice Status Updates.

Now you can express you emotions and much more on Facebook in your own voice with the help of Aircel and Facebook. To update your Facebook status, you need to dial 51555 from you Aircel mobile and record you voice, without ever having access to the internet. Your distinctive recorded clip will appear on your Facebook wall as your status update.

What You Can Do With Facebook Voice Updates on Aircel

  • Voice Status Update : You can now update Facebook in your own distinctive voice!
  • Friends’ Status : Not only you can update your own voice status on Facebook but also can even listen to your friends’ updates and reply!
  • Find Friends : You can use your own voice to find friends on Facebook too!
  • Post Notifications : You can get notifications about your friends’ wall posts too?
  • Event Alerts : You can receive event alerts on important days with Facebook on Voice. No more forgetting birthdays and anniversaries.

How to get started with Aircel Voice Updates on Facebook

To enable Aircel voice updates on Facebook you need to register your mobile number on Facebook by selecting your country and entering your mobile details. Then dial 51555 from your Aircel mobile and a pre-recorded interactive voice response will guide you through step-by-step instructions to go ahead. Now you can record your status update in your own voice from your mobile and your recorded voice status will be automatically updated on your Facebook profile page.

You can use Facebook Voice Updates on Aircel without internet connection but Aircel will charge you @ Rs 1/Min, which is affordable when you don’t have internet access.

So go ahead, and start updating you Facebook status in you own sweet voice.

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