FireFox Released New Update For Android Device

Firebox, is the most popular browser in the world for Desktop released it’s new update for Android smart phones and other devices.
Firefox for Desktop and Firefox for Android are made with the same technology platform and for the mobile Device it is just optimized. The Mozilla made several changes and improvement in the latest version of Firefox and they are as follows.

  • For additional security the updated version of Firefox has a new feature Master Password. All the browser username and password are saved and protected with one Master Password.
  • Secondly, another feature Bookmark is added to your home screen through which you can bookmark various website and add it to your Android Home Screen and with one click you can launch it.
  • Moreover, Mozilla community also release 160 new add-ons for Firefox for Android version, and counting. Which shows hard involvement of Mozilla community towards browser for smartphones.

You can download Firefox for Android from Market or you can also download from the official Mozilla Firefox website.

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