Gift a Favorite Colored Smartphone To Your Girlfriend

Is your Girlfriend a smooth operator who likes the sleek silver or black look, or would she rather be loud and proud with aqua or pink? Did you have any color choice yet ? But now Nokia offers the wide range of colored smart phone from which you can select your girlfriend’s favorite colored smart phone and gift her.

Nokia Lumia 710 & 800, there is now more choice for consumers when it comes to colour. Moreover the Nokia 603 also, ‘Fast. Bright. Fully featured. Guaranteed to add colour to your life’, it comes in a whole range of colors!

We’ve had a little look into the meanings behind the colours that are available to you:

BLACK – Simple and Understated, cool and mysterious, black is sleek, stylish and suave. Black is also the longstanding finish colour of most technological devices. If you want to blend into the crowd and stay mysterious then black is the best way to go. And moreover it doesn’t show the dirt.

YELLOW – striking and somewhat glaring, yellow screams with energy and dynamism. And it may not be everyone’s taste, you’ll be sure to catch anyone’s eye out with a flash of yellow on your smart phone and grab all the attention to you. Fun and exuberant, feel the heat with yellow one.

GREEN – You can get much of the same with green as you do with yellow. vibrant and Wacky, it is also calming and fresh. For the person who like a bit of greenery in their lives, this color is for you!

BLUE – Unassuming and modest, Blue is for the more refreshing and serene among us. Perhaps rather more masculine, its versatile and smart with a subtle edge. If you’re feeling low-key and relaxed, or just plain chilled out, you will rock with cool blue look.

MAGENTA – Strong, deep and ominous. Red, like yellow, is likely to attract the eye of lots of person with its powerful presence.

SILVER – Similar to black, silver is cool, chic and seamlessly stylish. Shiny and smart and most definitely elegant.

WHITE – Pure and neutral, White devices are all the rave at the moment which has been a massive hit with everyone so far.

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