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How To Control And Manage Your Android Device Through Web Browser

Is it possible to control and manage wirelessly your Android device from a web browser Over-The-Air? We say yes.

With the help of the new Android App “AirDroid” you can wirelessly manage and control your beautiful Android device from a web browser Over-The-Air.

This App has many useful features. If your android device and pc both have fast internet connection , then AirDroid App will work as a high-speed file transfer medium between your android device and your PC.

AirDroid App Can :

  • Control your android device through your web browser of your pc
  • Transfer files between your android device and pc
  • Cut, copy, paste, search, rename or delete files on the SD card
  • Manage your android device through your web browser i.e the SMS manager, Contacts Manager, Application manager, Media manager, Handy Toolbox, Ringtone Manager and other.
  • Preview, delete, import, export, set as wallpaper and photos slide show from desktop
  • Share clipboard text and many other items between android device and pc
  • High speed communication and easy interface
  • Play, search, import, export, delete, or set as phone call, notification and alarm ringtones

AirDroid also comes with the following inbuilt features:

  • Real-time ROM, SD Card, Battery, CPU and RAM status report & check with charts to show available/used/total resources, and one-tap memory boost.
  • Kill or uninstall running apps, batch operation supported.
  • Uninstall, share or check details of user and system apps.
  • Control Cut, copy, rename, send/share, delete, sort and create visible or hidden folders and files.

What you need to run AirDroid?

The Android AirDroid App should be compatible with most Android devices running Android 2.1 or upper version (4.0 is not well supported yet). The Web Desktop should be compatible with most modern web browsers, including Chrome 12 or upper version, Firefox 3.6 or upper version, Safari 5.0 or upper version (For best performance IE is not recommended).

You can download AirDroid App from Android Market on your device.

You Configure AirDroid and Control android phone via browser via following steps.

Step 1. Install the “AirDroid” App from Android Market on your android device.

Step 2. Launch the “AirDroid” App on your Android device. Tap ‘start’ shown on your device’s welcome screen .

Step 3. You will see a web address like proxy with an auto generated password just below of it as seen in following screen shot.

Step 4. Launch your favorite internet browser on your PC. Try with the shown web address in step 3 in your browser.

Step 5. A given below window will appear having a login box.

Step 6. Type auto generated password that is described in step 3. This will take you to the AirDroid web desktop.

You will see following AirDroid web desktop which is furnished with many interface option to control or manage your android device.

You can transfer files between your Android device and pc , read or send sms , install or uninstall apps and can do many other feature as well.

Watch the given below video for your ready reference and experience the user interface of your Android through your Personal Computer web browser.

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Why Motorola FIRE XT Wins Over HTC Wildfire S

As the mobile technology going up we can say this is the era of smart phone. Everyone wants a latest smart phone in his/her hand. Whenever people go for purchasing new device, they think that costly mobile is always better than cheaper one and forget to compare the features of devices.

One of my friend wants to buy a latest smart phone. He chooses HTC Wildfire S and Motorola FIRE XT and asked me for suggestions about the phones, but in my opinion Motorola FIRE XT is superior than HTC Wildfire S in some features.

Both the mobile has almost same configuration. Both phones are running on same Android v2.3 (Gingerbread) operating system, 2G and 3G network support, Wi-Fi enabled, 5.0 MP primary camera and both have expandable Storage Capacity of 32 GB.

As far as the differences concerned, Motorola FIRE XT has 800 MHz Scorpion Processor while HTC Wildfire S has 600 MHz ARM11 Processor, Motorola FIRE XT has 3.5 inches Capacitive Touchscreen while HTC Wildfire S has 3.2 inches capacitive touchscreen, Motorola FIRE XT has Li-Po 1540 mAh Standard battery and HTC Wildfire S has Li-Ion 1230 mAh Standard battery.

Both have 5.0 MP 2592×1944 Pixels autofocus, LED flash camera but as far as front facing camera is concerned Motorola FIRE XT has a secondary VGA camera for video calling while HTC Wildfire S doesn’t have secondary front facing camera. Moreover in budget Motorola FIRE XT is little bit cheaper than HTC Wildfire S.

Conclusion :
So when you go for buy a mobile you must compare features rather than price and look.

Features Motorola FIRE XT HTC Wildfire S
Processor 800 MHz Scorpion Processor 600 MHz ARM11 Processor
Screen Size 3.5-inch Touchscreen 3.2-inch Touchscreen
Secondary Camera Yes No
Battery Li-Po 1540 mAh Li-Ion 1230 mAh

From the above comparison I will go for Motorola FIRE XT instead of HTC Wildfire S because you can’t make video calls from HTC Wildfire S while it’s possible in Motorola FIRE XT. Let me know your opinion via comment that which smart phone is better from these two.

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How To Glow Apple Logo In iPhone 4S

Chinese manufacturer K.O. Gadget has just released a new hack which will make the Apple logo on the back of your iPhone 4/4S glow, that is as like as the logo on MacBooks. This may be strange for you but it really works and the logo will glow when the iPhone’s display turns on. The good thing is that you can also do this at home with in 5 minutes.

The company K.O. Gadget will provide you the kit to do the mod for $42, then you can done at home in less than 5 minutes and obviously it would void your iPhone’s warranty.

The mod is actually pretty simple since you are only replacing the back panel of your iPhone. The back panel has a transparent Apple logo which lets light pass through it, but the trick is the “light strip” that you add to it…

The mod is very simple and easy. You just have to replace the back panel of your iPhone. The transparent Apple logo back-panel allows light to pass through, but the cue is the “light strip” that you add in.

The process has the following steps :

  • Remove the 2 screws flanking the iPhone’s dock connector port
  • Slide open and remove the rear panel
  • Remove the 5 screws near the flash
  • Lift up the power connector of the screen
  • Position the light panel, then connect and mount it using the 3M sticker (details will be provided after purchase)
  • Replace the 5 screws near the flash
  • Slide on the included rear panel with the transparent logo (so that the light is visible through it)
  • Replace the 2 remaining screws flanking the dock connector port

You can also see how this take place in the below video.

[SOURCE : 9to5mac]

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Get 50 GB Free Online Storage On With Sony Ericsson Xperia Phones

Japanese Sony Ericsson in partnership with cloud storage company Box is offering Xperia smartphones users 50GB of free online data storage the smartphone maker said on Thursday, Dec. 13, 2011.

According to Sony Ericsson the promotion started yesterday and will last until Dec. 31, 2012. It’s available to all consumers worldwide who own any Xperia device including the X10 and later releases.

Steve Walker, Chief Marketing Officer, Sony Ericsson said “With people taking more pictures, listening to more music and watching more video on their Xperia device than ever before, especially over the holidays, we wanted to make sure that they had the ability to upload their content to the cloud and share it across multiple devices.. The Xperia and Box will offer consumers with access to a massive amount of content on the go putting their smart phone at the very heart of their connected lifestyle.”

The company also says that the 50GB of storage is enough space for about 50,000 docs, photos, and presentations.

You can get the free 50GB of storage on your Sony Ericsson Xperia phone, you just download the free App from the Android Market.

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How To Forward SMS And Missed Call Alerts To Gmail By Android Application

These days smart phone developer are always thinking at ways to improve the mobile experience by creating more and more applications that make our lives easy and more organized.

The Android app called SMS2Gmail is one of them. With this App you will find quite useful in bringing your missed calls and text messages directly to your Gmail inbox.

Have you ever left your phone at home or office? Or temporarily miss-placed it or gone outside when it was in charging process ?

This application allows you to forward your SMS messages and missed calls to a user defined Gmail account, and you can activate this App remotely.

For example, If your phone is at home or office and you are not, send your phone an SMS from another phone or web text and you can activate this App.

You can also manually enable this App within the application settings if you want a record of all SMS messages and received calls in your Gmail account.

Features of this App  :

  • Forwards SMS to user defined Gmail account.
  • Forwards missed call info to user defined Gmail account.
  • Remote activation from device other than yours.
  • Manual activation.
  • Apps2SD
  • Contact lookup.
  • Sends both phone number and name of the SMS sender.

An Internet connection is required to send emails to user defined Gmail account.

To disable this App You can disable manually within the app settings, or if you activated this App remotely you will see disable button on the screen.

As the name says, the application works only with Gmail, and if you are Gmail user then it will not work for you. However, as the developer said if you are using an Android phone then you must already have a Gmail account.

You can directly download SMS2Gmail App from android market of your Android phone.

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Guide for Android device Users

Today Android is assuming as number one operating system for smart phones. Users can do so many things with their Android based devices that are not possible in handsets with rival platforms. However, the vast number of applications and features some time can confuse users especially the first timers.

New users may feel lost seeing number of options on Android, thus completely miss out on the fun part of Android.

There are some useful tips given below that might be very helpful to a new Android Device user.


Let’s start with the home screen customization options available to the user’s phone. Most of the options do not require the users to rooting the phone and are applicable to almost any version of Android phones.


Widget is a reusable element of a graphical user interface that displays an information arrangement and provides standardized data manipulation. Whenever users need to add any useful widget to the home screen, they just need to hold their finger in open space and when the pop up menu comes up, they need to choose widgets. Users can use their home screen to the maximum by making optimum use of the widgets. Users must sort out the best widgets for them also.


Generally, users prefer to receive notification sound when they receive an email, but what if user doesn’t want any notification sound. They can go to the settings menu of the Gmail (for example) and choose the silent option of ringtone. The new message alerts appear at the top of the screen which can be brought down to get the detailed view as well.


There are certain important contacts in our phone who makes call frequently. The best way to keep in touch with them all the time is to set one touch dialing for them. For this users have to hold their finger on empty space of their phone’s home screen and choose the option “Shortcuts” then tap “Direct Dial” and they can choose their contact from the contact list. If they want to send one touch SMS instead, they can choose the option “Direct Message” as well. Users can also bring their favorite sites to the home screen by simply long pressing the site in the bookmarks and then by choosing the option “Add Shortcut to home”.


There are some particular Android utilities which allow the users to browse through the phone just like computer. One of them is Astro, which is a file management tool and allows the users to move and delete files as per their convenience. User can cut and paste the also, for this users just need to long press on a text input field.

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