Guide for Android device Users

Today Android is assuming as number one operating system for smart phones. Users can do so many things with their Android based devices that are not possible in handsets with rival platforms. However, the vast number of applications and features some time can confuse users especially the first timers.

New users may feel lost seeing number of options on Android, thus completely miss out on the fun part of Android.

There are some useful tips given below that might be very helpful to a new Android Device user.


Let’s start with the home screen customization options available to the user’s phone. Most of the options do not require the users to rooting the phone and are applicable to almost any version of Android phones.


Widget is a reusable element of a graphical user interface that displays an information arrangement and provides standardized data manipulation. Whenever users need to add any useful widget to the home screen, they just need to hold their finger in open space and when the pop up menu comes up, they need to choose widgets. Users can use their home screen to the maximum by making optimum use of the widgets. Users must sort out the best widgets for them also.


Generally, users prefer to receive notification sound when they receive an email, but what if user doesn’t want any notification sound. They can go to the settings menu of the Gmail (for example) and choose the silent option of ringtone. The new message alerts appear at the top of the screen which can be brought down to get the detailed view as well.


There are certain important contacts in our phone who makes call frequently. The best way to keep in touch with them all the time is to set one touch dialing for them. For this users have to hold their finger on empty space of their phone’s home screen and choose the option “Shortcuts” then tap “Direct Dial” and they can choose their contact from the contact list. If they want to send one touch SMS instead, they can choose the option “Direct Message” as well. Users can also bring their favorite sites to the home screen by simply long pressing the site in the bookmarks and then by choosing the option “Add Shortcut to home”.


There are some particular Android utilities which allow the users to browse through the phone just like computer. One of them is Astro, which is a file management tool and allows the users to move and delete files as per their convenience. User can cut and paste the also, for this users just need to long press on a text input field.

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