How To Forward SMS And Missed Call Alerts To Gmail By Android Application

These days smart phone developer are always thinking at ways to improve the mobile experience by creating more and more applications that make our lives easy and more organized.

The Android app called SMS2Gmail is one of them. With this App you will find quite useful in bringing your missed calls and text messages directly to your Gmail inbox.

Have you ever left your phone at home or office? Or temporarily miss-placed it or gone outside when it was in charging process ?

This application allows you to forward your SMS messages and missed calls to a user defined Gmail account, and you can activate this App remotely.

For example, If your phone is at home or office and you are not, send your phone an SMS from another phone or web text and you can activate this App.

You can also manually enable this App within the application settings if you want a record of all SMS messages and received calls in your Gmail account.

Features of this App  :

  • Forwards SMS to user defined Gmail account.
  • Forwards missed call info to user defined Gmail account.
  • Remote activation from device other than yours.
  • Manual activation.
  • Apps2SD
  • Contact lookup.
  • Sends both phone number and name of the SMS sender.

An Internet connection is required to send emails to user defined Gmail account.

To disable this App You can disable manually within the app settings, or if you activated this App remotely you will see disable button on the screen.

As the name says, the application works only with Gmail, and if you are Gmail user then it will not work for you. However, as the developer said if you are using an Android phone then you must already have a Gmail account.

You can directly download SMS2Gmail App from android market of your Android phone.

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