How To Get Google Maps On Your Windows Phone

Google Map is the most popular App for searching places. Can you find any places with Google Map on Windows 7 Phone ? Basically all the Windows 7 Phone comes with the Bing Map which is Microsoft’s own Map against Google Map. The Bing Map app is good but still it lacks some features like it is not as fast as the Google map and it also lacks location database sophistication. Also the Google map released their full GPS or turn by turn navigation and Microsoft soon followed it with its new app called Bing maps in windows phone 7.5 mango editions.

How it taste if Google Map is available on your Windows 7 Phone? Now good news from Google that Google map is available for all your window phone 7 devices. It provides extended features like fixing your location, latitude and voice search and more.

Above mentioned fig gives the comparison of Google Map App features provided by Google to Smart Phones with various operating system.

The Android device user enjoys all the features of the Google Maps as Android originates from the same group. However other devices experience little bit compromised version of the Google Map App.

If you are looking for Google Map on your Windows Phone then download binary from here or browse from your windows phone and follow instructions.

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  1. Google map doesn’t support on Lumia 800. When I try to download it says

    “Can’t download file….windows phone doesn’t support this file type”

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