How To Play Angry Birds On Samsung Bada 2.0 OS

Samsung announce before few month their Bada OS for Samsung smart phones like Apple iOS. Samsung Bada is a fluid operating system and has the advantage of having same hardware manufacturers which improves the speed and user interface of the device. Recently Samsung launch smart phones called Samsung Wave series which powered by Bada OS and has gained popularity in the market due to combination of very powerful hardware and relatively cheaper price.

The Bada app store is growing fast but missing some very important app and popular games, without which many users will disappointed. Angry birds is one of the most popular game among the smart phone users of Android and iPhone but still Rovio Entertainment, developer of Angry Birds not developed for a Bada OS but they are planning in near time span.

There are many unofficial hacks and app to play Angry Birds on Bada OS. You will find unofficial Angry Bird Games app for Bada Os from here but if you not like to use unauthorized Angry Birds app on your smart phone than a small trick by which you can play Angry Birds on your Bada powered smart phone without installing any app.

How To Play Angry Birds On Samsung Wave Without App Installation

To play Angry Birds on your Samsung Bada OS powered smart phone, open up the browser and then type in address bar. You can then enjoy the Angry Birds for Google Chrome from the browser. But you must need internet connection in your smart phone and you can’t play it while you are offline. You can however disconnect it once you have started playing.

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