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Top 7 Free Instant Messaging Apps For iPhone

There are large number of applications that serve many useful purposes for Smart Phones Whether you are having iPhone, Android, Blackberry or any other popular device. Among these large library of applications there is one category that helping people easily contact their friends via messaging. These Apps let you instant messaging and video calling, this is now the easiest way to communicate with your friends right from your mobile devices.

Particularly for iPhone, The Apple’s app store has lots of Messaging Apps for to get in touch with your family and your friends and it is very difficult to find out the best Messaging Apps. Here we are giving some most used and free Messaging Apps that might helpful to iPhone owner.

1. Fring

This App lets you make free group video calls, voice calls & chat right from your iPhone. The Features of Fring are given below.

  • Group Video Chat with 4 friends video chat at the same time!
  • Video chat on 3G,4G & WiFi with DVQ™ technology
  • FREE calls to other fring users worldwide
  • FREE live text chat (no more expensive SMS)
  • Dynamic Video Quality

2. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a faster way to send mobile messages to your friends. With Facebook Messenger, you can send and receive messages with any of your friends around the world. Facebook Messenger app is for those who want to connect their friends without looking their walls and profiles.
Messenger lets you:

  • Send messages instantly to other friends who have Messenger
  • Chat with friends who are on Facebook
  • Get free push notifications for incoming messages
  • Attach location and photos to messages
  • Access sent and received messages on both Messenger and Facebook
  • Create group conversations for making plans on the go
  • Add more friends to group conversations at any time
  • Control alert and location settings for each conversation

3. eBuddy

eBuddy is very user-friendly App. This is a multiple account instant messaging client. eBuddy connects you to most popular networks – MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, Google Talk, Facebook, ICQ, MySpace and Hyves. eBuddy has the following features.

  • Runs in the background; always online and ready to chat to friends and family (like BBM)
  • Simultaneously chat or IM feature
  • Set avatar for accounts

4. Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz allows user to make free calls, chat online, exchange instant messages and send files from your phone. Nimbuzz also enables you to connects with other networks (Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, AIM, ICQ, GoogleTalk, Facebook, MySpace and Hyves). This App has following features.

  • Excellent voice quality on VoIP
  • Displays contacts in a very clear way
  • Supports landscape mode chat
  • Supports lots of chat platforms and social networks

5. Skype

Skype is very well-known App world-wide. It lets iPhone 4 and 3G user to make video and audio calls over 3G networks. Skype has cross-platform compatibility feature. Other key features are of Skype are given below.

  • Video and Audio Skype calls over 3G
  • Near CD quality sound for Skype-to-Skype calls
  • Wonderfully simple user interface
  • Share moments over free  video calls with front and rear-facing cameras
  • Instant access to your iPhone contacts
  • Saves chat conversations

6. Fuze Messenger

The Fuze Messenger App is a Business IM for iPhone which provides safe, secure, professional instant messaging and presence (status) to and from the iPhone or iPod Touch. It allows user to stay connected with friends and family using other networks-AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, Google Talk, Facebook, and Microsoft Office Communication Server (OCS). The key features of Fuze Messenger are given below.

  • Landscape keyboard!
  • Business-Grade Security
  • Sustained IM Signin
  • Public IM Import Wizard
  • Contact Search
  • Automatic Reconnection
  • Hyperlink Support
  • International and Non-English Character Support – send and receive chats in other languages.

7. Yahoo! Messenger

With Yahoo! Messenger you can stay connected with your friends anytime, anywhere. You can call them with free voice and video. You can send free international text messages. You can share your photos and videos with your Messenger contacts in real-time. This App has following features.

  • Voice and Video: Make free voice and video calls to your Yahoo! Messenger contacts
  • Yahoo! Phone Out: Make low-cost international calls to landlines or mobile phones with your Yahoo! Voice Phone Out account
  • Works with Windows Live: Add MSN Messenger contacts to your Messenger list and manage all your contacts in one place
  • Always On: Stay signed in to your chats on your iDevice and Messenger 11 for Windows at the same time – receive messages only where you are active
  • Multitasking: A notification alerts you when an IM arrives, even when the app is running in the background
  • Show and tell: Capture and share photos and video in real-time
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How To Glow Apple Logo In iPhone 4S

Chinese manufacturer K.O. Gadget has just released a new hack which will make the Apple logo on the back of your iPhone 4/4S glow, that is as like as the logo on MacBooks. This may be strange for you but it really works and the logo will glow when the iPhone’s display turns on. The good thing is that you can also do this at home with in 5 minutes.

The company K.O. Gadget will provide you the kit to do the mod for $42, then you can done at home in less than 5 minutes and obviously it would void your iPhone’s warranty.

The mod is actually pretty simple since you are only replacing the back panel of your iPhone. The back panel has a transparent Apple logo which lets light pass through it, but the trick is the “light strip” that you add to it…

The mod is very simple and easy. You just have to replace the back panel of your iPhone. The transparent Apple logo back-panel allows light to pass through, but the cue is the “light strip” that you add in.

The process has the following steps :

  • Remove the 2 screws flanking the iPhone’s dock connector port
  • Slide open and remove the rear panel
  • Remove the 5 screws near the flash
  • Lift up the power connector of the screen
  • Position the light panel, then connect and mount it using the 3M sticker (details will be provided after purchase)
  • Replace the 5 screws near the flash
  • Slide on the included rear panel with the transparent logo (so that the light is visible through it)
  • Replace the 2 remaining screws flanking the dock connector port

You can also see how this take place in the below video.

[SOURCE : 9to5mac]

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Free Usage Plans For iPhone 4S On Aircel

Aircel and Airtel India launched iPhone 4S in November 2011. Today Aircel announced free usage plan on Facebook for iPhone 4S with the main aim to sell more iPhone 4S across India.

According this offer you can get benefit of Rs 18,000 free usage from Aircel on 3G and Rs 15,000 free usage on 2G. you can check further details in the below plan chart.

This is one of the best offer if you are planning to buy a iPhone 4S with Aircel. So don’t waste your time and grab fast your iPhone 4S.

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No Siri Support In iPhone 4S For Indian Accents

Apple iPhone 4S just officially launched in India but founds that Siri doesn’t support with Indian accents. Apple India site also not mention Siri on their feature page of iPhone 4S while it’s found on the Apple US website. Apple iPhone 4S page on both the website looks similar but missing Siri feature on Indian Apple website. Take look at both the website’s feature page.

Apple India page for iPhone 4S

Apple US page for iPhone 4S

Siri for iPhone 4S is an intelligent personal assistant that lets you speak voice commands in natural English and it brings instant answers from the web. Siri on iPhone 4S lets you use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and more. But unfortunately Siri does not supports Indian Accents as some Indians speak English with an accent very close to a Standard British accent and vowel sounds is different from Standard American English. As smart-phone market in India is very huge, Siri would support Indian accents in near future. Siri is obviously available in the iPhone 4S that Apple ships in India but they won’t officially support it.

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Apple iPhone 4S Terrif Plans For Airtel

Long awaited Apple iPhone 4s now launched in India via Airtel and Aircel. Airtel has announced the pricing for both the pre-paid and the post-paid plans for the Apple iPhone 4S. Airtel started pre-order for the iPhone 4S last week and it is expected to be available from 25th November. The 16GB version of iPhone comes at Rs.44,500.00 and the 32GB is available for Rs.50,900.00. These plans offer free Local Minutes, Local and National SMS and 3G Data. Aircel has already declared their post-paid plans for the Apple iPhone 4S earlier this week.

Airtel iPhone 4S Prepaid Plans (monthly) :

Monthly Recharge Amount (Rs) 600 1000 1600 2000
Discounts (Rs) 300 500 800 1000
Monthly Charges After Discounts (Rs) 300 500 800 1000
Free Local minutes / month 500 900 1400 1500
Free Local & National SMS / month 300 400 500 600
Free 3G data (MB) / month 200 500 1200 3072


Airtel iPhone 4S Postpaid Plans (monthly) :

Monthly Rental (Rs) 600 1000 1600 2000
Discounts (Rs) 300 500 800 1000
Montly Rental After Discounts (Rs) 300 500 800 1000
Free Local minutes / month 500 900 1400 1500
Free Local & National SMS / month 300 400 500 600
Free 3G data (MB) / month 200 500 1200 3072


The above mentioned plans are monthly and for the period of 24months (2 years). After the monthly consumption in the offered prepaid plan is over, you would be charged at 50p for all Local & STD calls, Rs. 1 for SMS (Local/ National) and applicable data tariff as per your subscribed pack. In case you have not subscribed any data pack, standard browsing charges of 3p / 30 kb is applicable. If 3G data services has not launched in certain circle 2G data up to 2.5GB (2G data) for offers Rs. 600.00-1000.00 and 5GB (2G Data) for all other offers would be offered till the date of launch of 3G data services.

If you select prepaid plans, you need to recharge for a particular amount (Rs 600.00 for example) and the discount amount (Rs. 300.00) would be credited back to your main account balance within 3 to 4 days which could be used for voice, SMS or data.

In case of postpaid plans your discount will reflect in the bill at the end of your monthly bill cycle. Data usage will have a bill shield of max Rs. 3000.00/ excluding rental in postpaid plans post that you can browse at 20 kbps speed for free. You may also switch between the higher or lower range of postpaid or prepaid plans, over the period of 24 months (2 years).

The Airtel launch was held at an upscale restaurant while Aircel decided to keep it real by holding the event at their South Extension market retail outlet. The launch events included handing over the handsets to the first pre-order customers.

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An iPhone App Can Relief your Headache

We know that these days there are so many apps for smart phone for doing everything available, that can do anything from helping you to improve your football game, to become better lover and more. Speciously, there is a software for your iPhone that can help to reduce your headaches. This apps, Brainwave Headache Relief is used to synchronize your brainwaves to deeply relaxing low-frequency alpha and theta waves to help provide headache relief.

BrainWave Headache Relief virtually connects with your brain and synchronizes your brainwaves to a specific frequency by sending two different audible frequencies to each ear, which after being processed are perceived as a low-frequency tone matching human brainwaves. Studies show various states of mind to be associated with these low frequencies, ranging from an alert and focused state to deep sleep.

How ever it is free, but it is packed with more features than other similar apps. Also there are so many background sounds you can choose among them including Ocean, Thunder, Rain, and Pink noise and frequency setting. It has a timer also by which you can fall asleep using the iPhone app.If you suffer from frequently headaches you can try BrainWave Headache Relief. It may be helpful to you.

So the next time whenever you have a headache, try BrainWave Headache Relief. It is available in the App Store for free.

You don’t have to lose anything except your headache may be.

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