Kolaveri Di – India’s Most Popular Mobile Download

“Why this Kolaveri Di”, is the most popular Tamglish (Tamil+English) song in India right now. This popular video has crossed over 60 million YouTube hits and has also crossed another milestone by seeing record number of mobile downloads across India in very short time.

According to Huntingtonpost “The lyrics are meant to be from the mind of a drunk boy who’s just been dumped; they poke fun at Tamglish while reveling in its accidental poetry (a sampling: “girl-u heart-u black-u”), and have become ubiquitous Facebook status updates for young Indians and their American-born counterparts.”

Mobile phone users can now easily download by sending SMS ‘THREE’ or 3 to 56060, said TechZone which provides content technology to operators in India like Airtel, Reliance, TataDoCoMo.

“I am glad to be associated with Sony and Kolaveri as a mega success project and to value add to their endeavor to make this song a success across mobile platforms. Content now has started getting due recognition much like it happens in the international music market scenario,” said by TechZone director – Naveen Bhandari Speaking with Radioandmusic.com.

Check out the video before downloading on your mobile.

Like Shakira’s bamboo hips dont lie Gujarati remix, Kolaveri Di Gujarati remix also available which is remixed by DJ Adee and RJ Roshan. Check out it’s Gujarati version for fun purpose.

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