Microsoft To Launch Windows Phone Apollo In Summit On June 20

Software giant Microsoft is going to organize a Summit event for an upcoming Windows Phone in San Francisco as invitations are sending by them. The Occasion named “a sneak peak of the future of Windows Phone” and it will be on 20th June 2012.

The mail point of this year’s Summit would be the launching of Windows Phone “Apollo” or Windows Phone 8, that is Microsoft is likely to launch the upcoming version of Windows Phone.

There is no any news regarding the Windows Phone Apollo features and looks as Microsoft and its partners have created suspense regarding this phone. but it will include multi-core CPU support and backwards compatibility with the current WP apps as par rumors news.

Not creating more suspense, 20th June is close and time is running fast, so be patient, it will be known what’s next for Windows Phone and what is in Microsoft’s mind.

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