Panasonic Smartphones Will Be Launched In Europe In 2012

The electronics giant TOKYO (Kyodo) Panasonic Corp. announced on 9th Dec that it will start marketing its smartphones worldwide by selling the first model in Europe from March 2012. Also the company aiming to sell 1.5 million handsets in the region over the year to March 31, 2013. More ever Panasonic is targeting a global sales tally of 9 million units by March 2016, six million from its overseas operations.

The head of Panasonic’s mobile phone business, Toshinori Hoshi said “The time is ripe for us to enter overseas markets and the market has changed drastically with smartphones becoming the main products.”

“It has become very difficult to engage in the mobile phone business only in Japan,” Hoshi told a news conference in Tokyo.

The Panasonic smart phones will come with slim design and 4.3-inch OLED screen QHD (960×540 pixels) display resolution and run on Android Operating System for the global scale and will present the first in Europe in March next year.

In addition to the specifications as usual in the smart phone also supports NFC technology (NFC chip based upon that logo on the back) and is claimed waterproof and dustproof. After Europe, the phone also will release in the United States, China, and many Asian countries.

[Source : Mainichi]

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