Prepaid Mobile Customers Can Able To Get Call, SMS & Data Usage Details – TRAI

According to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) there are about 96% of the users are using pre-paid service in India, and they do not get any bills for their usage and the amount charged or itemized details of their plans which are given to post-paid users in India. But now the pre-paid users will get such type of information on their mobile in India.

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) said that it is must for all mobile phone operators of CDMA/GSM to provide pre-paid users updates of calls made and data downloads every time they use voice and data services, to protect the interest of consumers and improve Quality of Pre-paid Mobile Service with accurate billing.

The pre-paid users will get the information such as the duration of calls, data usage (2G/3G), the charges deducted and the remaining prepaid account balance via SMS, or reflecting on customers mobile phone via USSD based flash message.

Most of above mentioned services are already available in various operators of GSM and CDMA mobile in India, but as of now these are optional for service providers, but now with implementation of TELECOM CONSUMERS PROTECTION REGULATIONS, 2012, it will be mandatory for all operators to provide these details to their pre-paid users.

Itemized Bill details for Prepaid Account :

Pre-paid users can get itemized details of their Calls, SMS and Data usage on request within 30 days by paying charges not more than Rs. 50.00 for per bill cycle/calender month. This service was available for Post-paid users only.

A colour band code On Prepaid Vouchers (Plan/Top Up Coupons) :

TRAI now specify a colour band code (Red, Green and Yellow) on the reverse of the vouchers (Plan Voucher, Top Up Voucher, and Special Tariff Vouchers) to distinguish different types of vouchers which makes a view to facilitating easy identification by the users. A major concern of the consumers regarding size of the letters giving details of the tariff plan, MRP, net monetary value available on the voucher etc.

A Separate Toll Free Short Code for Prepaid Account Information :

Moreover the service provider have to provide for a separate Toll Free Short Code, to enable its consumer to access information relating to his tariff plan, available balance in his account and details of any Value Added Service activated on his telephone number.

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  1. Its nice to hear pre-paid customers will also be having some rights.

    One thing i want to mention that every now and then we receive SMS for different magic plans and there is no proper knowledge to any one even the vendors also dont know about that a proper facility should be there to know the latest updates or a query center should be there which explains about each and every plan properly.

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