Samsung To Launch Galaxy S III On June 20 In USA With T-Mobile

There is a good for those of you who are eagerly awaiting the launch of Samsung Galaxy S III in USA. According to Unofficial sources the Samsung Galaxy S 3 device is possibly coming to the U.S. on June 20 with T-mobile as a carrier.

This news is neither confirmed nor denied by both Samsung and T-Mobile. But it is known that it’s bound to happen soon since the Samsung Galaxy S III is scheduled to be launched in Europe country next week.

According to TmoNews, it is reported that together with the Samsung Galaxy S III, T-Mobile is also launching out the Galaxy Note, and the T-Mobile MyTouch, also known as the Huawei Phoenix and Huawei Buddy smart phones.

Samsung with T-Mobile are going to launch two models of the Samsung Galaxy S III – metallic blue and Ceramic White. Launching date of various Samsung, and Huawei devices with T-Mobile are given as under.

  • Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB Metallic Blue  : 20th June
  • Samsung Galaxy S III 32GB Metallic Blue : 20th June
  • T-Mobile myTouch (Huawei Phoenix) : 11th July
  • T-Mobile myTouch (Huawei Buddy) : 11th July
  • Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB Ceramic White : 11th July
  • Samsung Galaxy Note : 11th July
Here one thing is missing and that is price. We don’t have any information regarding pricing on any of the devices nor any word on T-Mobile carrying a 32GB variant of the Ceramic White Galaxy S III. Though, as soon as we get any information regarding updates of confirm releasing date and pricing, we will share here.


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