Download Siri Clone App For Android ICS Devices

A voice based assistant app for all Android 4.0 (ICS) based devices has been launched.

The voice based assistant app for Samsung’s new Galaxy SIII-S Voice, a similar application for all the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system based devices has been released by makers of S Voice.

The company behind the making of S voice, Vlingo has now launched an identical application for all other Android ICS based devices.

The new app is currently in beta stage, and company promises that to bring famous Siri (iPhone 4S ‘ s voice based assistant) like functionality to the Android devices.

This is similar to Siri for iPhone, the Vlingo beta is a voice command based assistant for Android devices that is capable of performing complex tasks just on the basis of the commands given by the mobile users.

This application links itself to all the small and big functions on the Android device and performs the tasks when asked for it by the user.

Vlingo beta app supports:

  • Text messaging
  • Voice dialing
  • Web search
  • Calendar management and meeting creation
  • Wake Up Word (say “Hi Vlingo” to activate)
  • English language only
  • US and Canada only (for now)

Vlingo beta app is now available on the Google Play store free of cost, but only for the users in the USA and Canada as of now.

It will available for users in other parts of the world including India soon. Vlingo can be installed on Android devices with OS version 4.0 and above. Users can direct search the Vlingo application at Google Play store or can also make use of the link below to locate the application.

Install Vlingo App From here

The Vlingo application is fine and well tuned to understand various command given by the users. Besides this some problems can be expected as this is still in beta phase and not an integral part of the Android operating system. However as compare to other such voice based assistant applications for Android and team behind Vlingo promises that Vlingo will the most accurate and useful one.

If you’re looking for our full featured assistant, search for “Vlingo Virtual Assistant.” It is still available, still completely free, and supports a number of different languages.

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