Turn your iPhone Device into a Voice Recorder

You may find a voice recorder application in the iPhone but if you switch to a different app during a recording session, recorder may be stopped and can’t record the voice. If you want to capture the beautiful voice of your kids or want to record some useful interview, your iPhone will help you to record audio without any interaction.

Nuance, who acquired Swype and developers of the popular Dragon Naturally Speech Recognition software, released a new iOS app called Dragon Recorder that lets you quickly conveniently dictate complete memos, reports, or articles – anytime, anywhere, capturing high-quality audio files. Play back, rewind and fast forward the audio recordings. You can wirelessly transfer the audio files to your Mac or PC for quick and accurate transcription with Dragon speech recognition.

To start recording, launch the app from your iOS device and tap the circular green icon, during the recording, the circular icon becomes flashing orange and to pause the recording, tap the icon again. The icon turns red. To stop the recording, double-tap the icon. The Recordings List will display and the circular icon becomes green again, ready to start a new recording.

One more important feature of Dragon Recorder is that if you switch to a different app during a recording session, the app will continue recording. So you can easily record audio from other apps like Skype.

If you are looking for more info about Dragon Recorder App then don’t forget to visit user guide. Enjoy the App and let us know the recording experience via comment.

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