Update Android Market To Version 3.3.12

Just few days ago Android Market is updated to Version 3.3.11 however recently Android Market is updated again and it increases the version number that is the updated version is 3.3.12.

As far as the changes made are concerned, we failed to notice any visual changes, but it’s been told that it has some security fixes compared to the earlier version of 3.3.11 and also it has an all new binary which will enable smoother download even in slow internet connection.

There were so many users who were facing errors like “Connection Timeout” etc. in Android Market version 3.3.11 which is now been fixed in newer 3.3.12 which is a great respite for all the users. This newer version of Android Market also works fine in Tablets.

This newer version 3.3.12 will automatically come on your smartphones without any notification, but if your market is older than 3.3.11 then click the given below link of .apk file to download it.

we are waiting for your comments if you find anything new with this Android Market V 3.3.12.

Download Android Market Version 3.3.12 APK File

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