Vodafone Introduced New 3G Data Plans

Yesterday, Vodafone introduced the new 3G tariffs for 3G data plans for Vodafone subscribers.

The new 3G data plan of Vodafone will cost between Rs 25 for 25 MB data usage and Rs 1,599 for 12 GB of data usage. For any usage beyond the stipulated data usage on each plan, the customers will be charged at the rate of 2p/10kb. There will be no additional charges for roaming on data usage.

All these are base data charges for pre-paid and post-paid. It might vary based on your circle.

The Pay As You Go (PAYG) rate for prepaid customers is now the lowest and most competitive in the market, making it much more affordable. At 2p/10kb, this is an 80% reduction from the existing rate.

Mr Sanjoy Mukerji, Chief Commercial Officer, Vodafone India said, “With the introduction of these new 3G data plans, we aim at establishing a foundation for providing a 3G data plan for everyone, making it affordable to the masses in the country. Also, users who shy away from trying 3G services due to prohibitive costs can now experience services without the fear of a bill shock”.

Earlier MTNL reduced their 3g terrif, on which you can get about 4 GB for Rs 304 (Rs 76 per week), or 1 GB for Rs 22.50 under a six-monthly scheme.

Moreover, now Vodafone will allow its subscribers to use data from their bundle package while on-net roaming across any location in India without any extra charge.

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