Will Apple Launch iPad 3 On Steve Jobs’ Birthday?

Just like last year everybody was looking for iPad 2, this time the iPad 3 has everybody’s attention. There are a lot of rumors, have started for next Apple device and one states that Apple is making a plan to launch the iPad 3 on Steve Jobs’ birthday.

According to a Chinese newspaper, its trusted sources believe that the iPad 3 from Apple may be launched on February 24th – the birthday of Apple’s founder and late CEO – Steve Jobs’.

Almost every company searches for special dates to launch their products, But Apple normally launch something when it’s completed as opposed to when the time has come. But due to Steve Job’s recent death, the company might make that exception just this once.

We are not sure that they will launch iPad 3 or not on that day, but it will be a great tribute to Steve Jobs if the launch of iPad 3 would take place on February 24th 2012.

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