Yahoo Axis ‘A New Kind Of Browser’ Launched

Yahoo launched ‘Axis’ – a new kind of browser, yesterday on Thursday. There are versions for iPad and iPhone, and plug-ins for the desktop browsers Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Safari. Yahoo Axis is available in the iTunes App Store for iOS devices and will be supported on other mobile platforms in the future.

Yahoo Axis plugin for HTML5 browsers allows for browsing sessions and searches to be synchronized from smartphone to computer. With this Axis, Yahoo is attempting to turn the browser from “destination to companion.”

Yahoo Axis is simple and fast to use once you understand it. Essentially, the browser has a number of sliding panes, both horizontally and vertically that you swipe to get around the web.

Axis UI is seamless and very focused on swiping as opposed to tapping. Yahoo clearly spent time figuring out the best way to take advantage of the touchscreens found on today’s devices, and the effort shows.

Yahoo Axis allows you to switch views optimized for iPad, iPhone and desktops from within it’s settings.

Android version of Axis is still in development, and while it’s much easier for a user to get an alternative browser installed and embedded in an Android product, it’s a pretty safe bet that Google isn’t exactly going to roll out the welcome mat for Yahoo’s browser. Google already has two of its own browsers for mobile, the Android browser and the still-in-beta Android version of Chrome.

Yahoo Axis browser may not conquer the world, but it is a very strong mobile product with an important new design concept for search. It’s also a gutsy business move from Yahoo.

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